Warden Watson

Warden Lonnie Watson

August, 2007  Here we go again Another New Warden at Avenal State Prison This makes a total of three new wardens that have came to Avenal State Prison since Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers has left Avenal. The prison has been put in such a mess when Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers was at Avenal State Prison. That all other new wardens just dont stick around to try and clean up the mess Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers has left Avenal State Prison in.  The newest Warden is now Lonnie Watson. He was retired from Avenal State Prison and has came back out of retirement to be Warden (A)  until they can find a full time replacement. So how long he will be around is anyones guess at this point.

Help Us Reinstate the Cat Program At Avenal State Prison

Call Or Write Warden Lonnie Watson

Avenal State Prison
#1 Kings Way
Avenal, CA 93204

P.O. BOX 8
Avenal, CA 93204

Lonnie Watson ext……5000
Wardens Assistant Also The Spokes Person For Avenal State Prison
Lt. Perriera ext……………5028 or 5025

possible trans line 3