Warden Sedley

Warden Dan Sedley

Now again we are dealing with another new Warden at Avenal State Prison “Warden Dan Sedley” sorry no photo as of yet but will update when we get a photo.  Warden Dan Sedley took over as Warden in July of 2007. But we are understanding he doesn’t plan to stay long in that position either.  Warden Dan Sedley was put into this position due to his rank at Avenal State Prison. He was a A.W. at  Avenal State Prison.  He was also part of the past chain of command of the Avenal State Prison Cat Program in the past. So he has a plus that other Wardens at Avenal State Prison didn’t have. Warden Dan Sedley was part of the cat program and worked with the staff volunteers.  In over seeing the cat program at Avenal State Prison.  Now the outside agency’s Peta, Alley Cats, Feral Paws Rescue Group and etc.. will be working on the cat program dealing with the new Warden Dan Sedley! How far we get with him is a question!  Depending on really how long he last at Avenal State Prison as the New Warden!

UPDATE:  Warden Dan Sedley only lasted a Month at Avenal State Prison! Another Warden Gone!!!!!!!!!

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