Warden Powers

Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers

We have to hand it to Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers for her real mess at Avenal State Prison! Not only did she make a mess out of the successful cat program that was working at Avenal State Prison for the past seven years!  That past Wardens at Avenal State Prison supported and felt the cat program was successful.  Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers has made a real mess out of dealing with the over crowed prison inmates.  Staff and Inmates together were happy to see her leave the position of Warden of Avenal State Prison In April 2007!  At her going away party only a handful of staff were present! The cat program she stopped in February of 2006!  Has caused the cat population to grow at a faster rate. But she wouldn’t work with Feral Paws Rescue Group, PETA, Alley Cats Allies,  Letter from all over the world asking for the cat program to be reinstated. Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers refused to listen to anyone. The reasons she gave to stop the cat program was proof of just more lies from Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers!  In her letters sent out to why she stopped the cat program we could show written proof of her lies about the cat program. But all of us at Feral Paws Rescue Group are happy to say is that any cat trapped at Avenal State Prison aren’t being KILLED like Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers wanted. But are being turned over to volunteers of Feral Paws Rescue Group. The only cats being put down are the ones that have been hurt during trapping due to the lack of training in the personal at Avenal State Prison doing the trapping. Our volunteer vets did every thing they could to save these cats. But the damaged to these cats our vets just couldn’t save them.  We kept calling Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers over and over about the injured cats. But she didn’t want to stop the unhumane trapping that taken place at Avenal State Prison.

If you are all wondering who the person is behind the abuse of the feral cats at Avenal State Prison! Here is Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers!


Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers Last Day As Warden At Avenal State Prison Is MAY 18, 2007

We Have Been Informed
That Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers Does Not Like This Website!

Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers does not  LIKE this website!  Because it makes her out to be a cat killer!  But the facts are the facts and the proof is behind our website! Some can’t face what they really are! FACTS ARE FACTS & PROOF IS PROOF! Our website shows that!

Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers
We Are Not Going To Stop
Our Fight To Reinstate TNR At Avenal State Prison!

Warden Kathy Mendoza-Powers Worst Nightmare!
Remember what you do to others comes back at you!

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