We often call upon our guiding light to lead us through difficult times. In this case our light was our friend Star. Hence the name, “The Star Project”

Sadly, Star began her journey over the “Rainbow Bridge” on November 27, 2000. However, we are able to find comfort in knowing that she left this fight up to us and in the “Hands of Justice”.

Justice shown here (above right), is sitting next to one of the grates installed by prison personnel. The order to install these grates came from Avenal Prison Warden, K. Mendoza-Powers.

Warden Mendoza-Powers was fully aware that installing these grates would trap at least 35 cats under the building with out food our water. Guaranteeing their long drawn out suffering and ultimately leading to their inhumane death.

Illegal and Inhumane practices are occurring every day at Avenal State Prison. With your help, we CAN put a STOP to it.
On our “About Page” you will find a detailed account regarding our efforts to legally and humanely rectify the situation at Avenal State Prison. All of which have been met with “less the honest” responses by prison officials. Also, on our contact page, you will find a list of individuals and organizations we implore you to contact. If enough voices are heard, then and only then will the prison officials have no other choice but to stop their illegal activities.

Since learning of the inhumane activities going on every day at Avenal State Prison, three staff members from the California Feline Foundation have visited the Prison twice. “Inmate” pictured right, was the first cat we brought back with us. You can see by his picture, that besides being scared and hungry, Inmate is a far cry from being “wild”. However, prison officials want the public to believe otherwise.

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