I Loving Memory of Snarley

I would like to express to all that stood beside me during the very hard and tuff times I was going through with my loving cat Snarley,. That I rescued from Avenal State Prison Cat Program over 5 years ago. Snarley became very ill he’s liver started to shut down that caused many other medical issues for him about 2 months ago. It was a battle in working with Dr. Holm at Abby Vet in Fresno. To understand why Snarley so healthy all a sudden became weak and ill. I have the up most respect for Dr. Holm’s caring for Snarley. He always made Snarley feel special in his care. During Snarleys last month Snarley would see Dr. Holm every week. Dr. Holm would call and check on Snarley as well during the week. Snarley was full of fight and spunk up to the day he passed away in my arms. Snarley would roll over when asked and would give kisses when you asked for one.When Dr Holm was checking him Snarley thought it was play time and would keep rolling over for Dr. Holms  He always showed Dr. Holm’s his fight and roll over tricks at every visit with Dr. Holm.  Even his last visit with Dr. Holm’s just two days before he passed away. Snarley wanted to play games in his check up with Dr. Holm’s.  He had a spirit that was unreal. Many of you got to know Snarley and could see his fight for life and joker he was. On March 12, 2006 Snarley took his last breath in my arms at 2:30am. It was one of the tuffest times I have had to face. Was having to let go of this special little guy. But now Snarley is in the rainbow bridge in the sky to run and play with all the speicial cats. One day our paths will cross again. But until then Snarley will always be in my heart and thoughts. Thank you for all that knew Snarley and helped me through this thuff time. Most of all I Thank Dr. Holm for all that he did for Snarley and the respect he gave to Snarley.

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