Crooked Back Mama

In Loving Memory Of (CBM) Crooked Back Momma

I am sorry to have to tell you, but CBM passed away last night in her sleep.  May 4, 2007 I am glad that she was able to spend the last of her life in safety and peace with me.

She was getting older and had a very hard life at the prison.  Too many litters of kittens, poor diet and such.  She had not suffered any trauma or shown any sign of illness.  She just seemed to relax and she even got more friendly.  Gregg and I both could just sit there and pet her.  I think that she felt that she was safe and did not have to be on guard 24/7.  She peacefully passed over in her sleep.  Gregg found her this morning.  He had told me that she was getting slower and he felt that she might leave us.  We are both happy that we could let her spend what little time we could give her in safety and comfort.

On November 19, 2006 CBM (Crooked Back Momma) was adopted into a loving home. In fact CBM was well known at Avenal State Prison. She lived on Facility Two. She is totally Feral. Staff & Inmates always looked out for her. For she was crippled in her back area. She had a very strange walk to her. That caused her to walk very slowly and she was always by her self. Never seen with other cats. As if they knew she was crippled and didn’t want anything to do with her. Medical staff always went out to her and made sure she was fed daily. So many wanted to take her home. But she was trap smart and to trap her was just something that wasn’t going to happen.

When the TNR stopped at the prison in February of 2006 . The prison was starving her to death. When I got CBM in a trap in August 2006. She was half dead. She is a older cat that has lived her life at the prison. I was contacted by one of the staff at the prison that cared for her. On November 16, 2006. They just learned that I had her. They wanted to Adopt her.

I explained that she was near death when I got her from the prison. She had went under care of Dr. LeBeuf at Kings Canyon Veterinary Hospital. She had to have alot of her hair shaved for it was a mess. She was then spayed and put on medication. She was so starved, and dehirated. She needed much care. I am so happy to say she was placed with a staff member from Avenal State Prison on November 19, 2006.

This is the place she belongs! To live her life with someone that cared so much about her. When I drove up and gave her to this person. They just cried couldn’t believe that they were getting to adopt her. This is a very happy story or a very special cat.

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